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Nov 30, 2020, 9:41 PM EST
Methodology Fact Sheet
Index Symbol Last Chg % Chg  
S&P/TSX Venture Composite Index ^JX 750.42 1.22 0.16
S&P/TSX Venture Energy (Sector) Index (CAD) ^JX10 18.91 0.08 0.45
S&P/TSX Venture Materials (Sector) Index (CAD) ^JX15 54.26 0.15 0.27
S&P/TSX Venture Industrials (Sector) Index (CAD) ^JX20 169.66 -0.00 -0.00
S&P/TSX Venture Consumer Discretionary (Sector) Index (CAD) ^JX25 19.50 1.16 6.35
S&P/TSX Venture Consumer Staples (Sector) Index (CAD) ^JX30 34.12 0.56 1.68
S&P/TSX Venture Health Care (Sector) Index (CAD) ^JX35 87.66 -0.70 -0.80
S&P/TSX Venture Financials (Sector) Index (CAD) ^JX40 40.18 -0.28 -0.70
S&P/TSX Venture Information Technology (Sector) Index (CAD) ^JX45 52.66 1.44 2.80
S&P/TSX Venture Real Estate (Sector) Index (CAD ^JX60 187.45 0.53 0.28
S&P/TSX Venture Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences (Industry Group) Index (CAD) ^JX3520 129.83 -0.66 -0.50
S&P/TSX Venture Software & Services (Industry Group) Index (CAD) ^JX4510 37.49 1.01 2.76
S&P/TSX Venture Oil, Gas & Consumable Fuels (Industry) Index (CAD) ^JX101020 19.06 0.11 0.58
S&P/TSX Venture Metals & Mining (Industry) Index (CAD) ^JX151040 53.22 0.21 0.40
S&P/TSX Venture Oil & Gas Exploration & Production (Sub Industry) Index (CAD) ^JX10102020 16.78 0.01 0.03
S&P/TSX Venture Diversified Metals & Mining (Sub Industry) Index (CAD) ^JX15104020 44.36 0.33 0.74
S&P/TSX Venture Gold (Sub Industry) Index (CAD) ^JX15104030 61.68 0.12 0.20
S&P/TSX Venture Precious Metals & Minerals (Sub Industry) Index (CAD) ^JX15104040 77.09 0.45 0.59

Overview - S&P/TSX Venture Materials (Sector) Index (CAD)

S&P/TSX Venture Global Industry Classification Standard (GICSŪ) Sub-Indices. Sub-indices covering sectors, industry groups, industries, and sub-industries are calculated from the securities in the S&P/TSX Venture Composite. Sub-indices are defined using GICS. Constituents of a sector sub-index must be current constituents of the S&P/TSX Venture Composite classified in the relevant GICS category.

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Profile - S&P/TSX Venture Materials (Sector) Index (CAD)

Data is based on End of Day Values
Index Characteristics
Number of Constituents262
Adjusted Market Cap (C$ Billion)20.583
% Weight Largest Constituent8.10%
Top 10 Holdings
(Market Cap Share - C$ Billion)
CurrencyCDN Dollars
.SPVXSCThomson Reuters Eikon
Constituent Market Cap
Average (C$ Billion)0.079
Largest (C$ Billion)1.668
Smallest (C$ Billion)0.009
Median (C$ Billion)0.044

Methodology   Fact Sheet

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Constituents - S&P/TSX Venture Materials (Sector) Index (CAD)

Data is based on End of Day Values | Download Data into CSV
ConstituentsSymbol % Weight
K92 Mining Inc. KNT
Great Bear Resources Ltd. GBR
Rupert Resources Ltd. RUP
Pure Gold Mining Inc. PGM
Artemis Gold Inc. ARTG
Novo Resources Corp. NVO
Discovery Metals Corp DSV
NanoXplore Inc. GRA
Metalla Royalty & Streaming Ltd. MTA
Bear Creek Mining Corporation BCM
EMX Royalty Corporation EMX
Standard Lithium Ltd. SLL
Nano One Materials Corp. NNO
Tudor Gold Corp. TUD
Integra Resources Corp. ITR
Minera Alamos Inc. MAI
Amex Exploration Inc. AMX
Mako Mining Corp. MKO
West Vault Mining Inc. WVM
Millennial Lithium Corp. ML
Oroco Resource Corp. OCO
Chesapeake Gold Corp. CKG
Neo Lithium Corp. NLC
Lumina Gold Corp. LUM
Orezone Gold Corporation ORE
Lion One Metals Limited LIO
Minaurum Gold Inc. MGG
Probe Metals Inc. PRB
Galway Metals Inc. GWM
Bluestone Resources Inc. BSR
GT Gold Corp. GTT
Cornerstone Capital Resources Inc. CGP
ZEN Graphene Solutions Ltd. ZEN
American Lithium Corp. LI
HPQ-Silicon Resources Inc. HPQ
Fiore Gold Ltd. F
Filo Mining Corp. FIL
Critical Elements Lithium Corporation CRE
Canada Nickel Company Inc. CNC
Gold Reserve Inc. GRZ
Gabriel Resources Ltd. GBU
AEX Gold Inc. AEX
Aurcana Silver Corporation AUN
Defiance Silver Corp. DEF
Prime Mining Corp. PRYM
IMPACT Silver Corp. IPT
Abitibi Royalties Inc. RZZ
Rio2 Limited RIO
Nouveau Monde Graphite Inc. NOU
Ely Gold Royalties Inc. ELY
Silver One Resources Inc. SVE
Northern Vertex Mining Corp. NEE
Eskay Mining Corp. ESK
Gold X Mining Corp. GLDX
Maple Gold Mines Ltd. MGM
Osino Resources Corp. OSI
Colonial Coal International Corp. CAD
Benchmark Metals Inc. BNCH
Vizsla Resources Corp. VZLA
O3 Mining Inc. OIII
Kootenay Silver Inc. KTN
American Creek Resources Ltd. AMK
Teuton Resources Corp. TUO
Orca Gold Inc. ORG
Abraplata Resource Corp. ABRA
FPX Nickel Corp. FPX
Regulus Resources Inc. REG
Spanish Mountain Gold Ltd. SPA
Roscan Gold Corporation ROS
Aurion Resources Ltd. AU
Gensource Potash Corporation GSP
Silver Tiger Metals Inc. SLVR
Robex Resources Inc. RBX
Desert Mountain Energy Corp. DME
Euro Manganese Inc. EMN
Falco Resources Ltd. FPC
GoldQuest Mining Corp. GQC
BonTerra Resources Inc. BTR
Golden Valley Mines Ltd. GZZ
Encore Energy Corp. EU
Aftermath Silver Ltd. AAG
Thor Explorations Ltd. THX
Adventus Mining Corporation ADZN
Barsele Minerals Corp. BME
Los Andes Copper Ltd. LA
Highgold Mining Inc. HIGH
Westhaven Gold Corp. WHN
Midland Exploration Inc. MD
Vanstar Mining Resources Inc. VSR
NuLegacy Gold Corporation NUG
Cassiar Gold Corp. GLDC
Sigma Lithium Resources Corporation SGMA
Dolly Varden Silver Corporation DV
Radisson Mining Resources Inc. RDS
New Oroperu Resources Inc. ORO
Gold Terra Resource Corp. YGT
Osisko Metals Incorporated OM
Canada Silver Cobalt Works Inc. CCW
Foran Mining Corporation FOM
Majestic Gold Corp. MJS
TriStar Gold Inc. TSG
Benz Mining Corp. BZ
Turmalina Metals Corp. TBX
Cypress Development Corp. CYP
Candelaria Mining Corp. CAND
Eloro Resources Ltd. ELO
Alpha Lithium Corporation ALLI
Santacruz Silver Mining Ltd. SCZ
Metallic Minerals Corp. MMG
Azimut Exploration Inc. AZM
Magna Gold Corp. MGR
QMX Gold Corporation QMX
Noront Resources Ltd. NOT
Revival Gold Inc. RVG
Pan Global Resources Inc. PGZ
Blackrock Gold Corp. BRC
Ceapro Inc. CZO
First Cobalt Corp. FCC
Frontier Lithium Inc. FL
Starr Peak Exploration Ltd. STE
Luminex Resources Corp. LR
Japan Gold Corp. JG
Northern Superior Resources Inc. SUP
Kore Mining Ltd. KORE
Atico Mining Corporation ATY
Kodiak Copper Corp. KDK
Hudson Resources Inc. HUD
Golden Tag Resources Ltd. GOG
Cabral Gold Inc. CBR
Southern Silver Exploration Corp. SSV
Orogen Royalties Inc. OGN
Amarillo Gold Corporation AGC
NGEx Minerals Ltd. NGEX
Mason Graphite Inc. LLG
Superior Gold Inc. SGI
Galane Gold Ltd. GG
Brixton Metals Corporation BBB
Garibaldi Resources Corp. GGI
Arizona Metals Corp. AMC
Fireweed Zinc Ltd. FWZ
White Gold Corp. WGO
Cartier Resources Inc. ECR
Enduro Metals Corporation ENDR
Group Ten Metals Inc. PGE
Torq Resources Inc. TORQ
Chakana Copper Corp. PERU
Bemetals Corp. BMET
Newport Exploration Ltd. NWX
Superior Mining International Corporatio SUI
Newcore Gold Ltd. NCAU
Copper Fox Metals Inc. CUU
Golden Predator Mining Corp. GPY
Pacific Booker Minerals Inc. BKM
American Manganese Inc. AMY
Goldsource Mines Inc. GXS
Abcourt Mines Inc. ABI
Viscount Mining Corp. VML
Tinka Resources Limited TK
Strategic Metals Ltd. SMD
Hannan Metals Ltd. HAN
Rock Tech Lithium Inc. RCK
Reunion Gold Corporation RGD
Telson Mining Corporation TSN
Laurion Mineral Exploration Inc. LME
Salazar Resources Limited SRL
Scottie Resources Corp. SCOT
Leading Edge Materials Corp. LEM
K2 Gold Corporation KTO
Outcrop Gold Corp. OCG
Imaflex Inc. IFX
Sandfire Resources America Inc. SFR
Unigold Inc. UGD
Labrador Gold Corp. LAB
Callinex Mines Inc. CNX
Canada Carbon Inc. CCB
G2 Goldfields Inc. GTWO
Ucore Rare Metals Inc. UCU
Mineral Mountain Resources Ltd. MMV
Banyan Gold Corp. BYN
Monument Mining Limited MMY
Lara Exploration Ltd. LRA
Cematrix Corporation CVX
C3 Metals Inc. CCCM
Sarama Resources Ltd. SWA
Panoro Minerals Ltd. PML
Power Metals Corp. PWM
Fortune Bay Corp. FOR
Serengeti Resources Inc. SIR
Cordoba Minerals Corp. CDB
Maritime Resources Corp. MAE
Cantex Mine Development Corp. CD
ATAC Resources Ltd. ATC
First Vanadium Corp. FVAN
Giga Metals Corporation GIGA
Strikepoint Gold Inc. SKP
Victory Metals Inc. VMX
Niobay Metals Inc. NBY
GFG Resources Inc. GFG
SRG Mining Inc. SRG
Lithium Chile Inc. LITH
Grande Portage Resources Ltd. GPG
Wolfden Resources Corporation WLF
Giyani Metals Corp. EMM
PPX Mining Corp. PPX
Sable Resources Ltd. SAE
African Gold Group Inc. AGG
Klondike Gold Corp. KG
Doubleview Gold Corp. DBG
Geomega Resources Inc. GMA
Arianne Phosphate Inc. DAN
Pure Energy Minerals Limited PE
Mineworx Technologies Ltd. MWX
Golden Arrow Resources Corporation GRG
East Africa Metals Inc. EAM
Condor Resources Inc. CN
Nicola Mining Inc. NIM
Sirios Resources Inc. SOI
Radius Gold Inc. RDU
Silver Viper Minerals Corp. VIPR
Heliostar Metals Ltd. HSTR
Allegiant Gold Ltd. AUAU
Manganese X Energy Corp. MN
Tajiri Resources Corp. TAJ
Teras Resources Inc. TRA
Ximen Mining Corp. XIM
Midnight Sun Mining Corp. MMA
Avidian Gold Corp. AVG
Pancontinental Resources Corporation PUC
Sama Resources Inc./Ressources Sama Inc. SME
District Metals Corp. DMX
Riverside Resources Inc. RRI
Granada Gold Mine Inc. GGM
Orex Minerals Inc. REX
Empire Metals Corp. EP
Triumph Gold Corp. TIG
Precipitate Gold Corp. PRG
Ethos Gold Corp. ECC
Trigon Metals Inc. TM
Mirasol Resources Ltd. MRZ
Northern Graphite Corporation NGC
VR Resources Ltd. VRR
Sun Metals Corp. SUNM
Omineca Mining and Metals Ltd. OMM
Orefinders Resources Inc. ORX
Emerita Resources Corp. EMO
Baru Gold Corp. BARU
Golden Goliath Resources Ltd. GNG
Red Pine Exploration Inc. RPX
Walker River Resources Corp. WRR
1911 Gold Corporation AUMB
Rockhaven Resources Ltd. RK
Desert Gold Ventures Inc. DAU
Aurelius Minerals Inc. AUL
Nubian Resources Ltd. NBR
BTU Metals Corp. BTU
Bayhorse Silver Inc. BHS
MacDonald Mines Exploration Ltd. BMK
Aztec Minerals Corp. AZT
Xtierra Inc. XAG
Nevada Sunrise Gold Corporation. NEV
Kincora Copper Limited KCC

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Sector & Top 10 - S&P/TSX Venture Materials (Sector) Index (CAD)

Sector Breakdown
Data is based on End of Day Values
SectorWeight %
Materials 96.16

Top 10 Constituents by Market Cap
Data is based on End of Day Values
ConstituentsSymbol% Weight
K92 Mining Inc. KNT
Great Bear Resources Ltd. GBR
Rupert Resources Ltd. RUP
Pure Gold Mining Inc. PGM
Artemis Gold Inc. ARTG
Novo Resources Corp. NVO
Discovery Metals Corp DSV
NanoXplore Inc. GRA
Metalla Royalty & Streaming Ltd. MTA
Bear Creek Mining Corporation BCM

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Performance - S&P/TSX Venture Materials (Sector) Index (CAD)

Data is based on End of Day Values Performance Data
Index Name Adjusted Market Cap
(C$ Billion)
Index Level 1 Day MTD QTD YTD
S&P/TSX Venture Materials (Sector) Index (CAD) 20.583 54.25975 0.27% 4.47% 0.54% 57.92%

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